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Palm Haze is a Canadian based band founded by Anna Wagner and Lucas Inacio in 2015. The idea originally came up when they wrote their first song, on a single afternoon at a beach house in Ilhabela, Brazil.

They blend alternative rock, shoegaze and dream pop influences, to create a sound that's both heavy and smooth - think of fuzzed guitars and soothing vocals under a palm tree shadow.

As a live act, the band consists of Anna (vocals, bass), Lucas (vocals, guitars), Marianne Catafesta (vocals, synths, bass) and Caio Mendes (drums).

Despite being founded in Ilhabela, the band moved to Vancouver, shortly after, where they are touring after releasing their debut EP Tangy Dream in fall 2017 and working on new songs for an upcoming release in 2018.

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Tangy Dream

by Palm Haze

You know that feeling when you’re outside (briefly) and it’s warm – but just warm enough. Your skin is being lightly kissed by the sun and you're almost falling asleep. You remember your past, but you're still in the present, daydreaming of a nostalgic and tangible future.

Feels tangible, feels tangy, feels dreamy.

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